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Looking for a plant-based star on your menu? Unlike ultra-processed imitation meat, Luya is made from whole organic beans and peas that we naturally ferment – no artificial additives. The result is a super juicy texture that is both satisfying and can be marinated in endless ways. The perfect ingredient for oh so many cuisines.

Made from whole organic pulses
Swiss organic
& creative 

Luya Chunks

Luya Chunks are the ultimate kitchen all-rounder, a go-to choice for a variety of creative, plant-based dishes and cuisines. Their natural fermentation and juicy texture make them perfect for marinating and seasoning to your taste. With all-organic ingredients and no additives, Luya is an ideal plant-based protein for a smorgasbord of recipes – whether in salads, bowls, or Asian-inspired stir-fries. Marinated varieties are also available upon request.

Luya Burger

Good burgers start with good patties, and plant-based is no exception. We like them juicy, flavorful, and with a chunky texture for proper searing. Not an easy task, but here’s how we did it: Like all our products, our Luya burger patty is made from whole organic pulses, which we grind and then ferment naturally. This process gives them their unique bite and incredible juiciness that will win over every burger fan. A smash hit, so to speak.

Luya Organic Nuggets

Luya Organic Nuggets offer a wholesome upgrade to the kids’ (and the kid-at-heart’s) favorite finger food classic. 100% Swiss organic, plant-based, and featuring a clean list of ingredients, without compromising on taste, texture, or crunch. On their own or as a side, with ketchup, tzatziki, or a simple sprinkle of salt, Luya sets the bar high as the new not-so-guilty pleasure for all ages.

Luya en Bloc

Grilled, skewered, as sticks for dipping or a salad protein… you get the picture. Luya en Bloc is extremely versatile and a wonderful building bloc (get it?) for culinary creativity across all cuisines. Thanks to its clean list of naturally fermented organic ingredients and its firm and juicy texture, Luya is perfect to cut, marinade, and season to your preferred taste. Like tofu… only better!

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